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Whether your holiday (vacation) home in Italy is a private haven or a holiday-let (vacation rental) investment, D&G Design provides a complete service from small to medium sized renovations, restoration and interior design.

Based in central Italy’s Le Marche region, D&G Design’s creative workforce can meet with you virtually or in this hidden corner of Italy to discuss and plan your dream holiday (vacation) home.

Overseeing the project from conception through to completion, the duo – consisting of Historic Building Restoration Specialist David and Interior Decorator and Designer Gary – offer a practical, hassle-free service, taking your property from shabby-shack to vacation-ready without the need for you to travel.

For more complex projects requiring structural changes, tiresome red tape is taken care of by native Italian speaker David, who will work with your architect, obtain quotes, source reliable local tradespeople and translate legal documents, making sure that you’re always kept well informed.

We know that time spent at your Italian vacation home is precious. Time you’d rather spend relaxing with your family than negotiating with plumbers and builders.

Let us do the hard work.

We’re ready to make your holiday home somewhere very special.


About David

Skilled craftsman David has spent 20 years specialising in historic building restoration and conservation. Alongside residential refurbishments in Spain and Italy, David has also worked on some of the UK’s most treasured buildings including St Paul’s Cathedral, Bath Abbey, Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey!) and royal residence Windsor Castle.

About Gary

Creative Gary is a hands-on decorator and interior stylist with the practical skills to match his design flair. Working with you in the UK to reimagine your holiday home’s ideal interior – be that traditional or contemporary – Gary will bring your scheme to life in Italy, sourcing local materials and furniture or transporting your key pieces and favoured materials from the UK.



Italian Home Renovations

authentic marche studio

Whether you’re in the process of buying or have already bought your Italian home, D&G Design handle your renovations. With our excellent local tradespeople and artisans your new home will be in safe hands, transforming it from shabby-shack to vacation ready.

You will be kept well informed of the progress throughout the entire project, meaning that all you have to do when you arrive is unpack!


* Initial property inspections may require a fee, particularly if our Geometra needs to make a visit. All charges will be refunded in full should you enlist our renovation services.


Full property inspection & full quote of all works needed by D&G Design's civil engineer / geometra
Rendered drawings, sample boards & plans of your project
Assistance with planning applications to local authorities (where needed)
Small to medium sized renovations & restoration of your property carried out by D&G Design's team (in phases as required by you)
Project management, weekly updates & progress reports by D&G Design

Geometra's Property Inspection

italian property survey

Interested in an Italian property for sale?

Before you make an offer or fly to Le Marche to view it, D&G Design’s trusted Geometra will inspect if for you.

Discover exactly how much renovation the property will need together with all projected costs, ensuring that you go into the purchase with your eyes open.


* Charges apply depending on size, location & level of inspection required.


Full property inspection by D&G Design's Geometra
Detailed quote outlining all works required with projected costs
Property visit by D&G Design with our honest advice

Move to Italy Experience

D&G Design Discovery Visit to Italy

Discover Le Marche and view homes for sale, living like a local at the same time. Stay at a restored farmhouse, dine on organic Italian cuisine, meet realtors, lawyers and fellow expats who will offer a truthful insight into life in Italy.

Come away with a network of trusted professionals you can call upon to take the hassle out of Italian home-buying.


Unwind at a 17th century farmhouse in the hills of Le Marche
Meet trusted real estate agents & view houses for sale
Learn all of the legalities during a seminar with an expert property lawyer
Get the facts around renovations from David, Gary & their geometra
Gain advice from fellow ex-pats who moved to Italy
Dine on delicious, organic Italian food during breakfast, evening aperitivo & four-course evening meals with wine

Ask a Geometra

geometra le marche italy

In a country where laws and rules change quickly, receiving current information is crucial. If you are looking for professional advice on areas such as planning regulations, property inspections, the ECO Bonus or 100% Bonus, our qualified Geometra will answer your questions – ensuring that you are well-informed of all ongoing rules and procedures.


* Charges apply depending on the number of questions and level of research required.

Ask D&G Design

free webinar d&g design

We receive numerous emails asking for a ‘quick chat’ or ‘zoom call’ to pick our brains.

Whilst we love to assist as many people as we can, this can take us away from our day job of renovating homes in Le Marche.

Should you need advice or have questions for us that we haven’t covered on this website, social media channels or articles, feel free to get in touch and ask. Please be as specific as you can.


* Charges apply depending on time taken to answer questions and amount of research required.




Over 22 years of experience in renovating & restoring properties


Large team of professional tradespeople & experts to carry out renovations


Full assistance & advice throughout the renovation process, including project management and updates while you are in your home country


Native Italian speaker David translates & updates all of your documents & communications on your behalf


David & Gary bought & restored their own home in Le Marche before founding D&G Design, so know first-hand the concerns you are likely to have & pre-empt any issues that may crop up!